Are You A Pioneer?

Many of us have noticed a dandelion pushing itself through a crack in concrete, and may have even stopped to marvel at its sense of determination to live and grow. This little wonder is the energy of Spring, the energy of new life bursting into existence.


In Chinese Medicine theory, that energy that comes with springtime is represented by the element wood. Wood is the first element in the 5 element cycle, it is the birth phase and witnessed in nature when seeds and buds explode into new growth, when grass pushes through the earth, or trees extend themselves with new shoots and leaves. Each element is also aligned with a personality type. In this case, it is the Pioneer.


The Pioneer breaks new ground. This is the explorer, the creator of new paths. They break tradition to discover new things. Whether we think about that dandelion working its way to the surface or a pioneer on the Oregon Trail, we can admire the will power it takes to move forward despite challenges. It takes vision to set sail to new horizons, but the Pioneer doesn’t stop there. They take the necessary action; they move.


Are You A Pioneer?

Do you consider yourself motivated?

Do you work well under pressure?

Do you sometimes have a hard time relaxing?

Do you enjoy travel?

Have you ever started a new business?

Do you work in an innovative field?

Do you like to be the boss?

Do you exude confidence?

Do you sometimes lose patience?

Do you get frustrated with injustice?


The wood-type personality can sometimes be seen as harsh, given the tenacity they naturally embody. They can also be prone to anger, the emotion associated with liver energy, when there is stagnation within or around them. Liver is the wood element’s organ and the organ of springtime. In our bodies, the liver likes to get our qi moving after winter’s lull and can make us feel irritated if hindered in any way. It is important for wood-types to work on adjusting their speed and intensity to not feel either stifled or burned out. They must find the right pace as they pioneer through life and learn to be flexible like the new spring branches that bend (and not break) with the wind.

Pioneers can keep balance by finding time to slow down when necessary, get regular massages to loosen tight muscles and stiff joints, and enjoy but not overdo spicy or sour foods. Green is a great color for these wood types to align with the natural expression of springtime. Wearing green or keeping some indoor plants can help a wood-type whose lifestyle may keep them indoors for periods of time. Simple adjustments like these can help to prevent some of the health issues Pioneers may face like tension headaches, high blood pressure, or  burnout fatigue.

If you don’t see yourself as a pioneer but know someone who is, offer them a ‘thank-you’ for paving the way for the rest of us. (They love that! ..and deserve it.)

No matter what element you resonate with the strongest, acupuncture can help you align with the season. Call to book your Spring acupuncture sessions to keep your wood element in balance and help you feel as alive and proud as that little dandelion that burst through the concrete to smile at the sun!


Can you just NOT AFFORD to get sick right now?

Life can get insanely busy and being out of commission for a few days with a cold/flu can be really annoying and inconvenient!

Your immune system is your body’s security detail — the cells, tissues and organs that comprise it help repel foreign invaders like bacteria, parasites and other microbes that can cause infections. Stress, lack of sleep, improper hygiene, poor diet, and lack of natural vitamin D can contribute to a weakened immune system, which can make you vulnerable to infections.

Acupuncture can treat a wide range of health conditions, including immune deficiency, by stimulating and balancing the immune system. Acupuncture can strengthen a weakened immune system by increasing red and white cell counts, T-cell count (which destroy bacteria and harmful viruses in the body) and by enhancing humoral and cellular immunity in patients with immune-related illness. It is thought that acupuncture does this by provoking the body’s immune response through the use of the needles: the body thinks the needles are a threat and marshal their white cell and T-cell count to fight them off. However, the effect of this lasts days after the acupuncture session and so works on viruses and bacteria as well.

So, sick and tired of being… well, sick and tired? Acupuncture may be a great way to fill in the missing gaps in your immune system and keep you healthy!

How Often Should I Receive Acupuncture?

We get asked all of the time, “how many acupuncture treatments do I need?”.  The answer is, it depends! 

     Treatment frequency and number of treatments needed depend on a variety of factors: your constitution, the severity and duration of the problem, and the quality and quantity of your Qi.  Acupuncture works in a series of treatments.  You can never have acupuncture treatments too close together, but you can have them too far apart.  It works cumulatively and we want to continue building on your progress.  Please refer to your treatment plan given to you by your acupuncturist to know when to schedule your next appointment.  Acupuncture is also great for long term emotional health, immune response, and longevity so we recommend a minimum of one treatment per month for optimal health and wellness.

It is super important to note that If we treat you today, but then before your next appointment a week later your symptoms slowly start to creep back in so by the time we treat you again we’re at square one, then we went too far between the first appointments.  We’ll be stuck in this see saw of your symptoms improving, then getting worse, then improving, and getting worse.  We don’t want this, we want your symptoms to slowly improve, and improve, and improve.  Your acupuncturist will work with you to find a treatment schedule that works for you.  After you are on a consistent schedule and your symptoms are starting to improve, the frequency of treatments can lesson.

It is also important that between visits you are making note of any changes that may have occurred, such as the alleviation of pain, pain moving to other areas, changes in sleep or mood, and any changes in the frequency and type of symptoms.  These are all things to discuss with your acupuncturist during your next visit.  This may indicate the need to bump up or lesson the number of treatments or discuss the possibility of adding herbs as well.

New Year, Same You – Better With Acupuncture

Here are 5 ways acupuncture can help you maintain your goals this New Year! 



Eliminate Stress 

Stress reduction is always list for New Year’s resolutions and for a good reason. Stress is often the cause of illness and the deterioration of health. Numerous studies have demonstrated the substantial benefits of acupuncture in the treatment of stress, anxiety and lowering blood pressure.


Reach Target Weight and Stay There

Losing weight is the most common New Year’s Resolution. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine can help you reach your goal weight and maintain it by promoting better digestion, smoothing emotions, reducing appetite, improving metabolism, and eliminating food cravings.

From an Oriental medicine perspective, the acupuncture points and foods and herbs that are chosen to assist with weight loss directly influence the Qi of the Spleen and Liver systems to treat the root imbalances that are causing the weight gain.

From a Western perspective, acupuncture and Oriental medicine have been shown to have an effect on the function of the nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system, food cravings, and metabolism. All of which can help to energize the body, maximize the absorption of nutrients, regulate elimination, control overeating, suppress the appetite, and reduce anxiety.

The beauty of acupuncture is that each treatment is catered to the needs of the individual patient. Acupuncture points on the body will be chosen for overall well being with the objective of increasing circulation of the blood and Qi (stimulating the metabolism) and calming the nervous system.


Stay Sharp

Your New Year’s resolution may be to learn a new language or take a class at your local college. However you choose to exercise your brain, acupuncture can help. Numerous studies suggest that acupuncture can help improve memory, mental clarity, concentration and cognitive function.

One recently published study shows how acupuncture can be used to treat memory impairment induced by diabetes and cerebral ischemia. Other studies have looked at how acupuncture affects the performance of students during an exam, post-menopausal “brain fog”, Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. All results, thus far, have been positive.


Relieve Pain Naturally

If pain is keeping you from living your life to the fullest, acupuncture can help.  Increasingly, people are looking for more natural approaches to help relieve painful conditions instead of relying on medications. Acupuncture has no side effects and can be helpful for all types of pain, regardless of what is causing the pain or where the pain is located. Some studies have shown the pain relief it provides can last for months.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain before and after acupuncture treatment for pain shows dramatic decreases in activity in the pain centers of the brain – up to 70%.

In addition to reducing pain, acupuncture also hastens the healing process by increasing circulation and attracting white blood cells to an injured area.


Quit Smoking

Acupuncture has turned a growing number of cigarette cravers into permanent ex-smokers. In fact, researchers say that acupuncture is a promising treatment for all types of addiction from cigarettes to heroin.

In one study, a team from Yale University successfully used auricular (ear) acupuncture to treat cocaine addiction. Results showed that 54.8% of participants tested free of cocaine during the last week of treatment, compared to 23.5% and 9.1% in the two control groups. Those who completed acupuncture treatment also had longer periods of sustained abstinence compared to participants in the control groups.

The acupuncture treatments for smoking cessation focus on jitters, cravings, irritability, and restlessness; symptoms that people commonly complain about when they quit. It also aids in relaxation and detoxification.

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New year, same you – better with Acupuncture!
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